Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Marija modna odjeća is obliged to protect personal information of the customers. We require only the basic information of buyers/users in order to fulfill our obligations. We inform buyers of the ways in which their information is used, and we give the buyers an opportunity to manage our usage of their information. That includes the decision whther they want to have their name removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All user data is protected and accessible only to employees whose duties are impossible to fulfill without the insight into the user data. All employees of Marija modna odjeća and their business partners are held accountable for enforcing the privacy policy.

Gathering and use of information

Marija modna odjeća appreciates and protects your privacy. During a specific service you requested, and while forwarding information about your purchase, we will use only the information that you voluntarily provide us with. We are obliged not to sell, serve or give away these information to a third party which is not a part of this statement.


In order to make a reservation or make an enquiry on these webpages, the user has to fill out the registration form. The registration form requires the user to provide contact information (i.e. name, e-mail address). These information are used to contact the user while answering the questions they asked on our webpages, and to ensure the privacy of the user during the control of reservation status and the input or the modification of data.


When goods or services are reserved, we will ask for personal of the person placing the reservation (i.e. name, address, phone number). This data will be used solely for the succesful actualization of the desired service. Payment information (i.e. credit card number) are particularly protected and are accessible only to banks and credit card companies for the authorization of payment.

Data logs

We use IP addresses to analyze trends, maintain webpages, monitor the traffic of users and collect demografic data. IP addresses are not connected to any personal information that could identify an individual.

Accessibility of information

Acquired demografic data will be accessible to our media partners, professionals and advertisers. This is not connected to any personal information that could identify an individual. In order to provide special services, we may connect with a third party. When a user demands special services, his name or other necessary contact details will be accessible to the third party in order to provide the service.


Contact information, like name and e-mail address, may be asked for if users signs up for the newsletter.


Our webpages occasionally demand user information through queries. Participation in these queries (i.e. prize contests) is voluntary, and the user may refuse to disclose their information. Requested information may include contact information (name or address) and demografic information (zip code or age of the user). Contact information is used to contact prize-winners. Results of queries are used for monitoring and improvement of our webpages and/or our services.


These webpages go to great lengths to protect user information. Classified data on these webpages is protected both on and offline. If our registration forms demand classified data (i.e. personal information), these data are coded and protected by a safety protocol (SSL). During the usage of a protected webpage, the padlock icon at the bottom of web browsers like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator appears as if locked, while it remains open/unlocked during regular browsing. Aside from using SSL coding to protect user data on the Internet, we are doing everything in our power to protect the data even offline. Access to all user information is limited. Classified information are accessible only to employees who need them to complete particular services. For all further questions about the security of our webpages, send a message to us through our contact form.

Special offers

You can ocassionaly receive product and service information, special offers and our newsletter. We respect the privacy of our users, so users may choose to refuse these kinds of information. Please check your settings considering this feature.

Correcting/Updating personal information

If a user changes their personal information (i.e. zip code), or they decide that they no longer need our service, we allow correction, update or removal of their personal information in our possession. This can be done on the "My account" webpage, or by sending a message to us through our contact form.

Notice on change

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will place a notice on our homepage. Users will always know exactly what data is acquired by us, our usage of te data, and the conditions under which we reveal the information (if such conditions exist). If we decide to use personal information in a way that differs from the one that was specified during registration, we will notify the users via e-mail. Users will be able to authorize or prohibit our usage of their personal information. Such information will be used in accordance with the privacy statement that was valid at the time when the information were acquired.