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Women's Jacket with Hood - LM40779

2.109,00 kn 1.370,85 kn

Ženski Kaput - M60163

Elegant coat with slightly frilled collar. Quality Italian wool/cashmere fabric.

1.079,00 kn 701,35 kn

Ženski Kaput - M60162

Womens duffle coat with removable hood.

1.159,00 kn 753,35 kn

Ženski Kaput - M60144

Classic wool/cashmere coat with faux fur on collar and cuffs.

1.449,00 kn 941,85 kn

Ženski Kaput - M60129 BLACK

Long classic "A" line coat with faux fur on collar and with raglan sleeves.

1.019,00 kn 662,35 kn